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Discomfort and pain when working from home?

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Many of us have had our working lives change this year. With many of you working from home with different desk setups, I am receiving many messages about pain in the neck and upper back, loss of range of motion in the neck and numbness and pins and needles in the hands. This is usually a result of a change in posture over a long period of time, which results in muscle strain and facet joint syndrome.

This happens as the result of gradual build up of muscle tension and tightness from sitting at a laptop or table unsuitable for work for long periods of time. This affect productivity, they can bring down your quality of life. Research even shows poor posture is associated with low self-confidence.

A study by Bupa found that since lockdown 11 million people have suffered aches and pains due to working from home

. Only a third have a dedicated workstation leaving many working from sofas, beds and even beanbags.

The treatment plan I would suggest would be massage to the upper back, neck and jaw. Followed by passive stretching of the neck and arms with you in the treatment room. Stretches will be given to you to take home and regular check ups to check postural improvements and to keep the muscles relaxed. We would also look at your workstation setup and find ways to make it more comfortable and supportive for your whole body. I can also advise exercises for strengthening the core and glutes to help with your posture while at work and to get up and a movement plan to keep your upper back happy throughout the day!

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