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Welcome to Bloom Well-Being

Hello, nice to meet you!

Hi, I’m Grace the owner of Bloom Well-being. I have a passion for making people feel good! I believe everybody needs to take time to focus on themselves. We all live busy lives and have many stresses from work, family and many other external pressures. This has a detrimental effect on our physical, mental and emotional health. Throughout my life I have always looked for ways to help people let go of this feeling of unrest and take enjoyment from life.

My career started in events management, providing people with a space to have fun, relax or be educated. Aged 26 I also began training in Massage Therapy. I had always understood the benefits of massage, yoga and meditation to help me unwind from a busy and stressful job. A few years later I decided to make this my full time career. I have spent the past 5 years working in an Osteopathic clinic and a Hospice in Newcastle upon Tyne. I also work at a number of offices and workplaces in the North and at high profile events around the country. I am a Sports Therapist, Remedial massage therapist and Pregnancy massage expert with 7 years experience in the healthcare industry.

I have recently relocated to Leeds to continue my career in this fast growing and thriving city. I am very excited to welcome new clients into my new therapy space in the city centre. Introducing more people to my unique diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain, injury and the promotion of functional wellness.

I am living in North Leeds with my rescued Greyhound Ronnie Hotdogs. During the past few months I have enjoyed discovering the beautiful parks and surrounding countryside. Now we can’t wait to explore the city more as it opens up! I love a good coffee and a beer in the sunshine, so I am overjoyed that small businesses are beginning to open back up!

I look forward to meeting many of you soon!

Grace x

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