My one-on-one Pilates classes are tailored to your suit your fitness levels, experience, and goals. It is the most effective way to focus on your unique needs, injuries, or personal goals. Regardless of your skill level or physical ability, I will provide you a safe and powerful workout.


Whether you are interested in rehabilitation or a gentle introduction to Pilates, each session dedicated to you and how your body moves. Focusing in on the finer details as well as giving you a whole body workout, I will help guide you in a safe and effective way to move. Learn to move more effectively from your core, the deep center of your body. Improve your posture, cultivate leaner muscles, and gain greater body awareness and alignment. 


Working with groups of up to 20, we are providing self-care packages to workplaces across the UK. Whether your team are working hard from their home offices or are at home on furlough, we have created self care packages which bring the team together in a well-being focused group. The practitioners at Bloom will make each session unique to the needs of your team, providing relaxation, pain relief and wellness in 60 or 90 minute session. Combining breath-work, mindfulness, yoga and our long experience of facilitating group meetings to bring happiness and calm to your employees and colleagues whilst letting the team catch up with each other in an informal and productive manner. Use our contact form or email us for more information.


Grace Harrop

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