An on-site remedial massage will benefit your physical  and psychological well-being in many ways. Alleviating pain from injury or easing muscles that are tense from everyday stress can be achieved from one session. 

Massage not only relaxes the muscles but has the same effect on emotions too, proven to help deal with stress, anxiety and insomnia. Massage can also be used to stimulate the senses, improving mental clarity and alertness.

Depending on your time and budget we can offer Sports massage or Swedish full body in 30, 45 or 60 minutes sessions to really indulge and relax while improving posture.

If you would prefer a treatment performed fully clothed we can also provide Indian Head Massage and chair massage using Trigger Point therapy.

We carry out a full assessment before treatment both physically and verbally and monitor the progress of each individual over throughout the treatment program.



Yoga is a popular activity that focuses on breathing, strength, and flexibility. Practicing yoga provides many physical and mental health benefits. Yoga can relieve stress, lower anxiety levels and help manage depression. 

Yoga also helps lower back pain, tension in the shoulders and loosens tight hips as well as relaxing muscles.


At Bloom Well-being, one of our experienced teachers can facilitate classes from 1 on 1 sessions up to groups of 30. We run our yoga programs either as one off classes or as an ongoing course to get the full benefits of regular practice.

We provide all the equipment you need including yoga mats and props and only require a open space to set up in.



Exercises to strengthen and stretch the  body focusing on core strength and body awareness.  Pilates will improve strength, flexibility and posture,  eases back pain and improves general fitness levels.

We offer a variety of classes including basic mat pilates , the more energetic barre pilates an the deeply relaxing trigger point pilates.

Our pilates instructors have specialised in chronic back pain and improving posture as well as providing a toning class.

We will provide any equipment needed and offer one to one sessions as well as classes for up to 20 people.



We offer a variety of indoor and outdoor exercise classes. We design the session specifically to accommodate the class size and space available. Our instructors are trained in a variety of different styles including Circuit Training, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Legs, bums and tums and aerobics.


All sessions can provide a full body workout to improve muscular strength, tone, and definition.muscle groups will be worked. This class will help to improve your team's fitness, as well as burn  calories. Modifications for all fitness levels will be given.



We offer an 8 week structured, experiential program for anyone wishing to explore the benefits of Mindfulness in Daily Life. Supporting the development of a sustained practice for personal or professional life.

We also offer Mindfulness awareness for professionals. Specifically tailored workshops and courses using Mindfulness based approaches, to support professionals with stress, challenges and opportunities in the work environment.

Musli Mix


We have a variety of options available from our expert nutritional therapist including a diet revamp and Nutritional Shake up and a Nutrition and Lifestyle course. These 1:1 sessions will transform your team members attitude to eating and exercise. Personalised plans to help reach goals both in and out of the workplace can boost concentration and productivity.

We also offer group sessions covering topics such as beating afternoon slump, breakfasts to fuel your days, lunches on the go, cravings - why we get them and what we can do about them

and managing stress with food.