At Bloom well-being the client is at the centre of the treatment or class.

We believe that YOU know your body better than anyone else ever will. No matter what the reason that brings you in to see us, we will work together to move towards your wellness goals. 

Our goal is to improve physical and social well-being in our society. To make health and pain management available to everyone.

In the clinic we focus on the dynamic relationship between what is going on with our feelings and thoughts, and what happens in the body. Working through the physical tension in the joints, muscles and fascia can simultaneously work through mental or emotional blockages.


As a highly experienced Sports Massage therapists, Holistic practitioners and Beauticians, we offer treatments for many physical pains and injuries. We can help support you with chronic medical conditions, long term pain management and general wellness in a relaxing and calming environment. From 2022 we are now also offering luxurious vegan facials as a stand alone treatment or added on to the end of your massage session.


Massage is the foundation from which Bloom has grown. It is a therapy that can benefit every person and allow the body to move more freely and fell balanced. From this modality together we build outwards to create your perfect and unique treatment plan.


Health is a state of body.

Wellness is a state of being.

~J. Stanford




Comfortable, thorough and enjoyable massage with Grace. I’ve been enjoying massage sessions with Grace for over a year. I feel respected, understood, relaxed and appreciated within all experiences with Grace

Tegan, 2022


After a knee injury that required surgery and 6 months of hospital physio, I often experienced prolonged periods of pain and immobility in the knee that left me unable to carry out basic everyday activities.  At times I could not even manage stairs.  Within a couple of sessions with Grace, there was an immediate improvement, I was pain free and able to resume exercise and sports activities again.  Grace’s understanding and knowledge of  musculoskeletal issues meant that the treatment I receive is tailored exactly to my needs.   I make sure I have regular sessions as part of my routine to keep myself fit and well.   I would highly remind booking in for a treatment.

Emma, 2020

Back Massage

Grace is an absolute ray of sunshine. She uses an holistic approach to well being. She is professional, with a wealth of experience and knowledge about the body, mind and soul. Grace has fixed many of my physical niggles through massage, she is excellent at both deep massage (she gets stuck right in) and more relaxing massages like Indian head massage. I always come out of Grace's sessions feeling physically and spiritually healed.

Kay, 2020

I left feeling such a weight lifted physically, emotionally and spiritually. The tension was gone from my shoulders and legs, I felt realigned, but above all I had such a sense of calm and release.

Client, 2019



Grace Harrop

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