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Goal Setting and Injury Recovery

We all have the ability to improve and move forward. There are times in our lives when this seems more difficult and can become daunting. At different times in our lives we go through huge changes, injury, pregnancy, weight loss and gain and so many other physical and emotional ups and downs. To reach our full potential can feel so far out of our reach!

A technique I work on a lot with clients is setting achievable goals. Finding small steps that build up to a bigger long term goal makes anything seem possible!

This can be running a marathon for a budding athlete, being able to pick up a grandchild or walking again on a broken ankle!

We can go through techniques together in the clinic, or you can work on your own at home. Here are a few tips to help you be successful in achieving your goals!

  • Goal visualization - Mental contrasting is visualizing your goal and how you will feel after then thinking of the obstacles that will get in your way. Sit and think how it will look and fell when you achieve your goal. Then also think of anything that could get in your way or slow you down.

  • Goal specificity - quantitative specification about your goal. Find a way to numerically measure your goal, whether it is weight to be lifted in the gym, duration of a run or swim, or upping your daily steps. It is much easier when you can count the numbers as they fall or rise!

  • Goal planning - Implementation intention is a self regulatory strategy for achieving your goal. Write it down, share it with friends, make yourself accountable! Also remember to celebrate your achievements every time you reach a benchmark.

Get in touch if you would like any help setting your own goals and reach out if you would like our assistance in reaching them!!!

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